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Our delicious beef jerky flavored snacks, delivered from our store, straight to your door.

We stock original BBQ Beef Jerky, Chilli Beef Jerky, Soft Beef Jerky and Hard Beef Jerky. Buy your favorite beef jerky flavored snacks below through our online store!

100% Australian Natural Beef Jerky. High Protein. Low Carb. Full Flavoured. Packed with protein, lower in fat and full of flavour, JEEERKS are a guilt free snack any time any day, whether you are sitting in a pub with a beer, heading out the door of the gym or simply watching TV, JEEERKS are the perfect guilt-free, satisfying snack.

Beef Jerky Store

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Simply refer a friend to our online store and send their contact details to As soon as their purchase
is processed you will receive a promo code to use on your next purchase…Let’s get JEEERKIN!

Remember: One discount coupon per customer transaction. All transactions are secured!

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